My Unique Hong Kong Massage Experience Chapter 1

I want to share with you my experience with Hong Kong massage therapist by name Ann Lisa. I came across her a few years ago when I was looking for a Hong Kong massage therapist. I have established a strong relationship with the outcall massage specialist such that I will always request for her services anytime I am in Victoria or any other parts of Hong Kong. I met Lisa when I travelled to Hong Kong for our annual professional tantric conference, which was scheduled to hold in Victoria, Hong Kong.

When I arrived at Peak hotel where I was offered accommodation by the organizers of the conference, I searched Hong Kong Yellow Pages for the best massage service in the capital. I viewed various profiles, pictures of some of the outcall massage girls in Victoria, and I have to order for the services of Lisa. I paid for her services that night and requested that she come to my hotel room. The rate for outcall massage therapist varies in Hong Kong. If you want a foot massage service, you have to pay HDK390; this was what I paid Lisa for the first night of my stay at the Peak Hotel. The cost for hotel reservation was HDK3110. This was paid by the professional organization that organized the annual conference. I paid the money through my credit card. Lisa was aged about 24 years; it did take up to two hours before she made it to my hotel room.

When Lisa walked into my hotel room, I was watching an interesting documentary aired in Hong Kong television. I was amazed that Lisa could speak perfect English. I later remembered that Hong Kong was once a British colony, it is not surprising that professionals like Lisa will be versatile in the English language to interact with foreign English speakers. She greeted me in English and I confessed that she was young and attractive. Before coming to Hong Kong, I was used to Asian massage therapist in Philippines. I saw something different in Lisa Ann. She is an amiable person to behold…(to be con’t)