My Unique Hong Kong Massage Experience Chapter 2

After welcoming her, Lisa demanded that we head to the bathroom to prepare me for the massage. She made some frantic gestures to me expressing her appreciation that I have invited her. I heard a lot about Hong Kong tantric massage, Lisa’s coming would afford me the opportunity to enjoy it. Therefore, I did not hesitate to heed her request to move to the bathroom to take a bath and prepare for the massage.

Lisa pulled off my clothes and took me inside for a memorable shower. She started the massage therapy right there at the shower room. I was amazed at her skill and professional hands. I began to wonder why she was so professional. I remembered that I chose her because she was rated very high. She wanted to show me why she was actually a professional therapist. She also wanted to win my heart forever so that I would never have the need to look elsewhere for massage therapy. On my part, I want to get one hundred percent values for the money I paid for her services.

I had actually wanted to hire different massage therapists for the few days I will stay in Hong Kong. I believed that would help me derive maximum benefit from the Hong Kong tantric massage. Lisa treated me like a baby; she cleaned all parts of my body thoroughly including my sore muscle. I was surprised at the professional way she cleaned my body, massaged my back, chest, legs and my buttock. I never knew there was a perfect way of massaging the buttock until I met Lisa. She cleaned the inflatable mattress on the bed, brought it down to the floor, and refreshed my body with fresh and nicely smelling oil for a body-to-body massage. Body-to-body massage at the floor was only a prelude to what I was going to enjoy the rest of that night…(to be con’t)