My Unique Hong Kong Massage Experience Chapter 3

I will confess that my nerve was under tension as we were going through the second round of massage at my hotel room floor. I was being robbed in all parts of my body. When we got to bed for the third massage session, it was obvious to me that I made the right choice by calling Lisa. She has shown me the stuff that makes Hong Kong massage therapy different. As we started in the hotel bed, I noticed that the bed started twirling. She at first waited for me to give out the instructions, which she carried out to perfection. I was amazed at the quality of services I enjoyed with Lisa; she knew all the styles in this world. I would her say yah to all the instructions I gave while I complete relaxed in her skilled hands. Every three seconds, I saw tension all over my body. I got very old quickly and I mean quickly. I think she is the best outcall massage in Hong Kong.

After I have finished dishing out the instruction, I then told her to carry out her best. I knew Lisa would try to excel because she has already shown that she is indeed a professional. She then took control. She went into me. At a moment, I thought I was in another world, because I never had that experience in my life. I will say that I had the best massage therapy of my life with Lisa. I also feel that she had the best of it too. When it was daybreak, the contract was ended and she was ready to go. I cannot afford to allow another person have Lisa the following night, so I horridly booked her for the remaining days I will stay at the Peak Hotel Victoria, Hong Kong.

We have developed a strong relationship such that anytime I am anywhere near Asia I will invite Lisa to join me. Today I am friendly with Lisa and that was because of the first class massage services she offered to me. She is the best therapist I have ever met. She has actually shown that Hong Kong therapy is indeed the best in Asia. It is a wonderful experience, which I will never forget.