The Path to become a Professional Hong Kong Outcall Massage Therapist

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw her smiling at me the most beautiful lips and teeth I had ever seen. She was tiny, yet she was stronger than I thought she would be as she took my hand and led me to where, I wasn’t sure. Her soft, pale skin shone in the dimly lit room as she placed towels and other objects on the bed knowing she would use them that night. She was a professional Hong Kong therapist. There is no other way to describe her as her long jet black hair whenever she touched me with her tiny hands. Her gentle voice soothed me as she encouraged me to lie down and wait for her to attend to me. My hotel room was transformed into a blissful paradise which made my hong kong massage experience more enjoyed than it had previously been.

I vividly remember feeling her tiny hands on my back as she rubbed fragrant oil into it with more skill than I thought she had. Her hands were amazing. They looked fragile, yet they were very powerful as she rubbed up and down my frame until I responded to her touch. She was really professional and experienced as she stroked my sore body with her finger tips until I cried out as I had never done before. I had used various hong kong massage outcall services before; however, none of the therapists thrilled me as my therapist did last night. I felt physically and emotionally connected to my therapist as she ran her hands down my spine until I totally relaxed as I had never relaxed before. It was almost as though her mind was glued to mine as she wrapped her hands around me and gazed into my eyes throughout the session.

I miss my wonderful therapist and I will continue to ask for her outcall massage service to enjoy the wonder relaxation again. There are plenty of outcall massage services in hong kong; however, my wonderful therapist won’t be there to attend my needs. I know I will stick with my therapist for years as I long to feel her arms around me as they were last night.